You pt 2

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Back again, my friend?

You say what I wrote, you doubt?

You are not the best you?

Of another, have you proof?

For the reality is this:

The only you is you

How you see your life, you choose

But changing it, is your option

And no one will have the same

Story as have you


You pt 1

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Return, and remember

The precious child, are you

Never, no never

To yourself be untrue

Take time, you must rest

Who you are, again see

For you are the best

Of the yous that can be



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That one lone drop

The first of many

Falling from the sky

And choosing a stranger to meet

It glances a face

A gentle greeting to them

A tragic ending for it

More follow

Glad to encounter the land below

They watch the world as they fall

Joyful and excited

Tackling everything they can

As their numbers increase

And they form groups

Dropping larger


Slipping off of trees and roofs

Rushing across the wind

Sheet after sheet

Until suddenly


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Can you see it?

The end, the goal, is right ahead

Just continue working

Strive for it

And you will get there

In time


Time of work

Time of play


To accomplish your goals

To reach the end

To be a victor

A survivor

The one who worked

And made it.

So keep your eyes on the prize

As they say

Stay focused

Stay ready

And be the person

You would like as a role model

Strawberry Top

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1) What is that thing that sits above

The scrumptious strawberry red?

The strange green top we all pull off

Which once went to a stem

Its leaves, as pointed as can be

Yet ignored just the same

As we remove the strawberry top

And eat its fruit our way


2) The cutest little red-haired child

So full of childhood joy

Yet ornery and quite silly

As many kids are wired

Today, she shows off her new shirt

Which goes with her nickname

(Of course, of this we did not know

It’s something we just learned)

It is red, “just like” her hair

A strawberry top in title

And while she explains it to us all

We wonder how this is fair

First Spring

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Flutter, flutter, flit, flit

The butterfly goes round

Circling the flowers

As they bloom up from the ground

It flies alone in circles

Seemingly unaware

Does it know where it is going?

Or does it simply get there?

But nothing lasts forever

And soon the nightfall comes

The butterfly landed long ago,

The moth’s wings now hum

Pitter, patter, sniff, sniff

A small mouse in the grass

Searching for a bit to eat

And running very fast

He looks and eats and carries some

Travelling near and far

Finding all he can to share

Always knowing where they are

Oh, springtime has come at last

To nature’s sure delight

And everything moves happily

In daytime and in night


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Have you ever had

A day

With no words?

No street signs,

No food labels,

No brands?

No “on” or “off”,

“No right on red”,

“Hello”, nor “Goodbye”?

Just think of all the chaos

And the perils that would be

If we had to listen and watch

Instead of always read

If every color meant something

If numbers had to represent

Nonsense noises meant nothing

Unless they fit context

A world without words

How strange a place

Just try

See how far you get