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Posted in Randomly with tags on December 22, 2013 by wrigr11188

Swiftly falling

Gently floating

Piling in its little masses

Pure white blanket

Covering all

Undiscovered by the humans

Blown into drifts

Stacking higher

While inside they sleep so soundly

In the morning

Waking to find

Clean and cold covers the world

Animals dig

Finding their food

Leaving little pawprints in it

Children follow

Dancing in it

Making shapes, snowmen, snow angels

Parents watching

Smiling at them

Loving this fun snow day they have

Building snow forts

Throwing snowballs

What a great day to stay home


A Thought

Posted in Randomly on July 3, 2013 by wrigr11188

I get it, I see, yes, I understand

How nothing is perfect as we plan

How almost everything can fall apart

Pushing the weight on a human heart

How horrid the world is, just look and see

It’s terrible to only be me

With nothing to my name and nothing of worth

Just some free websites for sending forth

The words from my mind and thoughts in my head

Or drawings, if I make them instead

The world crashing down on those I hold dear

But, of course, there is nothing to fear

Because as horrid as it all seems to be

I know that my God is comforting me

Give, Make, Help, Keep

Posted in Randomly on May 22, 2013 by wrigr11188

Give me something to sing

Give me words I can breathe

Give me a new medium to do as I please

Make me remember

Make me surrender

Make me relax when it’s all in the blender

Help me to see it

Help me believe it

Help me always when I turn away from it

Keep me around

Keep me safe and sound

Keep me as I am- not lost, but found