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And this is the last

The finale, per se

The poem to end this month

And enter into May

Poem number 30

For April 30th

It’s hard to think

We don’t have more of these left

Of course, there’s no reason

To just stop writing

But without all the stress

It’s more relaxing

Anyway, I’ll see you all

From time to time

Whenever I decide

To come here and rhyme

And next April, we’ll meet

Once again, like back when

For NaPoWriMo

We wrote for unknown friends


Father-Daughter Dance

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A breeze

Brushes softly through  her hair

She walks

Young and joyful, without a care

While he

Watches his daughter and sees

A joy

A feeling held in his memories


He could return to that place


Her to see that joy on his face

But, oh,

He does not realize that she does

When she

Looks across the meadow to the father she loves

He laughs

When she skips over and ask him to play


When she asks to stay there all day


With his daughter under the afternoon sun

While she

Is simply glad he’s joining in her fun


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Time is life

Every second lived is a second created by nothingness

The taste of smooth scents

Of vapor flying through the air

The fresh smell

And pure feel

The slight haze that clears the view

Limelight blinding

As love blinds

In shining Las Vegas

Where Elvis lives forever

But no time is forever

Time cannot survive when material has been offed

Time without space

That purified space of thought

Space filled and with no vacancy

Fleeting back and forth with its friend Time

While the creatures and the Kitten live

Affected by every change they see

Wondering and asking “Why?”

Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt.

Time and space will continue their dance

As they mold and create around

Life to the beholder


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In A Year

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Looking back a year, I’m rather shocked

By all the things I’ve learned

I’ve worked and lived and loved and talked

To people I’d never seen before

I made new friends, then lost them all

To the strange thing of time

But I can still name them, short to tall

Without seeing them in a line

And those I know, well, we’ve all changed

Our relationships shifted

I know some better, though it’s strange

They aren’t those I expected

In a year of school I’ve learned a lot

In a year of life I’ve grown

In a year of trials I’ve worked and fought

In a year of things I’ve known


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Real life, I’m sorry, didn’t write poem

Day before, holiday, wasn’t home

Long day, long drive, no sleep, bad morning

Much to do, didn’t work, annoying

Good sermon, fun Sunday school, bad lunch

Sewing, headache, uncomfortable couch

Internet, Princess Bride, still not well

Leftovers, ice cream, try to work, fail

No homework, go to room, try to sleep

Headache still, turn on music, helps me

Phone loud, didn’t hear, multiple texts

Try to reach me, to Dreamland I left

Unexpected, didn’t wake, morning

Alarm went, got up, new day coming

Entertain Us

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Entertain us while we sit

And watch your performance

Sometimes we may laugh a bit

If you give enough reason to us

But for the most part, it’s all you

While we just sit stone-faced

You sing or dance or whatever you do

We’ll just stay in place

Just Yesterday

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Just yesterday there was a thought

Just yesterday there was homework to be done

Just yesterday there was a document

Just yesterday there was quiet

Just yesterday there was joy

Just yesterday there was excitement

Just yesterday I was here

Just yesterday you were there

Just yesterday plans were made

Just yesterday today was new

Just yesterday today was tomorrow