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Give, Make, Help, Keep

Posted in Randomly on May 22, 2013 by wrigr11188

Give me something to sing

Give me words I can breathe

Give me a new medium to do as I please

Make me remember

Make me surrender

Make me relax when it’s all in the blender

Help me to see it

Help me believe it

Help me always when I turn away from it

Keep me around

Keep me safe and sound

Keep me as I am- not lost, but found


The End

Posted in NaPoWriMo '13 with tags on May 1, 2013 by wrigr11188

Remember way back at the start,

I wasn’t sure what I would do?

And now as time keeps going on,

I see the words keep coming through.

So maybe I should continue,

As long as I have things to say

I see no harm in doing so,

Though I’ll probably skip some days.

Perhaps they won’t be so simple,

No counting syllables and rhymes.

(Though that’s my common strategy,

Feeling the words fit into times.)

Well, thanks for sticking through this month,

To those of you who’ve read something.

Here’s to the future and more words,

Whatever writings it may bring.