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Press the button, read the words.

Did they change it all on you?

No, of course not, it still works.


Why would this ever not do?

Everything works perfectly.

It just keeps on going through.


It may act annoyingly,

It works hard to prove its point

And it will not change simply


Even when it is disjoint


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We don’t need to hear

The words that you’d say

We all held him dear


Don’t tell the rest

Let them have their chance

They’ll do their best


Please, don’t mention again

We still have time

Don’t ruin it for him


Don’t make me realize

Everything will change again

Right before my eyes


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Such a hold on reality

These unreal people hold

They seep into the mind

And retrieve emotions

Out of the depths

While the reader is captive

And the viewer hypnotized

Lost in thought

In the world that is not their own

A cheer when something is right

When there seems to be a way

Out of the struggles

A love that spreads

From between characters

To the silent observer

Somewhat wishing to trade places

And sadness

Sorrow reaching farther than it should

When the characters so beloved

Are sad themselves

Or tragically gone

The worlds of fiction are enticing

And they know how to catch the eye

As we yearn for another event

Another twist

Just once more

Life Pt 2

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This swirling mess

Of ups and downs

Ins and outs

Rights and wrongs

All blended together

Into what we know

Each one special

Each one unique

Each one belonging to


Just as special and unique

They may not all become books

Or movies

Or plays

Or songs

But they deserve to

No matter how “good”

Or “bad”

Or “boring”

Or “pointless”

The stories should play out

They should be told

To those who can learn

From them

Of them

With them

Being raised on the stories of the past


Learning from their mistakes

And their corrections

Their failures

And their successes

Their good times

And bad

Their laughter

And tears

Their lives

Because life

Only comes once

And it’s a story worth telling

Life Pt 1

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A series of ups and downs

Greeting every soul

This is what we see

This is what we live

Every choice makes a change

Which leads to another

This is how it is

This is how we live

Meetings and greetings

Time together and alone

This is with whom we work

This is with whom we live

Places, affecting us as much

Each building and city a story

This is where we grow

This is where we live

The Last Time

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When was the last time

You looked up at the sky?

Staring at the stars and clouds floating by?

When was the last time

You flew among the trees

Singing with the breeze

Going where you please?

When was the last time

You let your mind explore

To places that are no more

And you don’t know what for?

When was the last time you dreamed?

The Words

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A dark red message

Scrawled onto the old white wall


And underneath,

in calligraphy curls,

“Why not?”

The questions that haunt the alley

The answers so difficult to find

Yet also so simple

They stare at me through my window

Surrounded by darkness

Barely seen

With the help of my light

Reaching out to them

Through the night

In times of thought I turn to them

And look at their strange words


“Why not?”

Their curves and points memorized

They calm



And they remain always there

Their meanings yet unknown

Until the day

The wall was bare

And the words,

My dearest friends,

Were no more


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